About Us

Grand Isle County Mentoring is a school- based mentoring program, which matches community children with adults who have similar interests. Every child who wants a mentor should have one! Children from all five island schools are involved in the program and range from grades K to 8. They meet once a week for one hour in the school at a mutually convenient time and develop a relationship. During their time together they participate in many activities on the school grounds, including games, arts and crafts, cooking and conversation. Mentoring has proven results for both the children and adults who care enough to make the commitment of just one hour a week. Research supports that children with mentors are much more likely to stay in school, improve in school and not turn to drugs, alcohol or violence. Even more amazing is the fact that it takes a mentor working with a child 1 hour a week to make an impact. The Grand Isle County Mentoring Program is currently in its fourth year. Last June, we ended the school year with 40 matches in the Grand Isle Schools. Our three graduating 8th graders and their mentors decided to continue their relationships transitioning to a community based mentoring program. We are excited to see the mentoring relationships continue into high school. This year's evaluation of the program found that mentees indicated they were happier, better able to share feelings, making healthier choices, that their school attendance had improved, that they felt better about school, were developing new interests and getting along better with others. Several teachers commented on the progress mentees had made and the importance of the mentoring relationship. Mentors, parents and teachers felt the program was having a positive effect on students. Make a difference in a youth's life; be a mentor. If you would like more information, please contact Karen Browning, coordinator at 372-5239
or email: gicmentoring@gmail.com